ST Blog – Week 13

Some important resources:

  • Thematic maps

Lessons Taught:

  • India thematic map (literacy and population)
  • Helping students practice career presentations
  • Example of bill project (elderly driving license bill)
  • Led discussion about economic terms in news
  • Making group work contract

Thoughts I Had During the Week:

  • One student had an awesome answer in a group discussion that I wasn’t expecting – left me speechless in a good way.
  • Working on district assessment, had to sit with one student and literally give him everything he needs to get his work done. Needs constant pushing
  • Career Presentations – great to see what students experienced. Really great to see student with ASD present.
  • Delayed start – PLP/Content meetings. Created shorter class periods.
  • Confusion about expectations of district assessment for both grades, even though it was talked about before. How do you make it clearer?
  • I had a day that I didn’t want to be in school – not feeling good physically or mentally. I went to school because I knew cooperating teacher needed me – had to suck it up.
  • Bill project – one group doing weed bill. Great conversations, but they can get too caught up in the talking part – will need direction to stay focused as project goes on.
  • Outright refusal – “I won’t sign something that says I’m doing work, why would I do that?” A struggle with this student. Cooperating teacher has to be firm with him.
  • Some students not using class time productively, but district assessment due next week – have been given SO much class time to work, really no excuses


Teacher Meme of the Week:

Image result for teacher meme

ST Blog – Week 13

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