ST Blog – Week 14


  • NY Times Videos
  • Naviance (Goal-setting)

Lessons Taught:

  • Survey mini-lesson
  • Sovereign State Challenge: Hunger/Famine
  • Reflection of Game – Are rewards what motivate humans?
  • Racism video and discussion

Thoughts I had during the week:

  • Walking students through goal-setting – can be tedious, but important for them to know what kinds of goals to set and to set realistic goals – those that are achievable
  • For Sovereign State Challenge, we really let go of the reigns and let students just play the game. It was interesting to see how it developed, what ideas students came up with, and how they interacted with one another.
    • War broke out (like the game “Risk”)
    • What happened in one class was different than what happened in another (the first class “saved” the second class from having to take action on the hunger challenge)
  • Having students reflect is so important – reflection should have their own thoughts and opinions but should also include evidence. In this Sovereign State Game, students could use evidence from their discussions on Chatzy, from the materials in their folders, and their flowcharts
  • The last day before a vacation is tough to plan – kind of have to back off and do something that is engaging but not too heavy.  With the 7th grade, I had a “heavier” video and discussion for students to engage with, whereas the other two videos were “lighter” – it’s important to have that balance any day, but especially on the last day before break.

Teacher Meme of the Week:

Image result for vacation meme

ST Blog – Week 14

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