ST Blog – Week 12

Some important resources:

Lessons taught:

  • Subbed – working on district assessments for both classes

Thoughts I Had During the Week:

  • A lot of this week was “recovering” from student teaching – grading work, getting missing assignments from students, processing, and beginning work on my portfolio entry. Boy I was tired this week.
  • District Assessments – 7th: Economy and Geography (looking at two maps over time), 8th: Journaling (taking my prompts and turning them into one longer journal). ¬†Thoughts about journaling – it would have been better for me to have known what my cooperating teacher was looking for in the district assessment so that I could have better prepared students – but, it turned out to be okay.
  • I had my first interview for a teaching job! I passed the first round and then made it to the second where I had to teach a lesson to a group of students at the school – an interesting experience for sure!
  • Having to constantly guide certain students is really hard – can’t sit with more than one student at a time. How do you get students to not drag their feet?
  • Syria – yet another example of why teaching social studies is so important!!


Teacher Meme of the Week:

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ST Blog – Week 12