ST Blog – Week 6

Some important resources:

  • Naviance (not really sure what it’s all about)
  • No Sir, Not I Sir (fun game)
  • Against All Odds (online game about refugees)

Lessons Taught:

  • Embargo
  • Debriefing the Genosha Sovereign State Challenge


Thoughts I had during the Week:

  • One day this week we took an hour at the end of the day to introduce the Career Unit (coming up in a couple of weeks). We sent students with a letter home to their parents and talked with them about what they want to do for job shadowing (required part of the project).  In my opinion, I think instead of holding onto the rubrics, as we did, we should have given them to the students before they do the assignments so they understand what is expected of them and so that their is less confusion.
  • As part of the Career Unit we had a Career Panel made up of 6 parents (most were parents of students on our team, one was not) – a journalist, a guidance counselor, two financial advisers, and an analytical chemist.  We had the panel go on for an hour. For the most part, the parents did a great job of describing their careers and answering questions. At some points, it seemed a bit too long as some students were getting squirrely.
  • April attended the Career Panel, and at first was kind of talking and making noises while the parents were talking. But then she was given a coloring book, and this kept her focused and quiet.
  • We went on a bowling field trip and it was pretty fun! Only had one issue with a student, everything else went really great.
  • The day before break, we did a school-wide activity.  The students were split up into groups of 5th-8th graders, and we had to make a 1 minute video using the props we were given. It was nice to meet some new faces. It was really interesting for me to see the energy level of some of the 5th and 6th graders – it was quite high!


Teacher Meme of the Week:

Image result for teacher vacation memes

Vacation next week!!! 🙂

ST Blog – Week 6

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