Day 23 – “Do you really have to leave?”

Today was my last Practicum visit of the semester!

I did the same lesson as last week – The Declaration of Independence with the eighth grade group. I mome minor adjustments to the lesson to make it go more smoothly, and I think it paid off.  I shortened the length of the video of the reading of the Declaration, just focusing on the grievances that students would later dissect.  Also, since this group was smaller and I knew the would get the work done, I allowed them to choose what groups/partners to work with.


Today’s big takeaway: teachers matter! My cooperating teacher and students surprised me with a little party and gave me a plant and thank you cards. It was such a sweet gesture, and I feel really appreciated even for my short time in the classroom. It was nice to know that what I did mattered, and that even for just a semester, I had made some sort of difference. I became connected to many of the students here, and I can only imagine how much more difficult it will be to say goodbye to students next semester during full time student teaching. I certainly learned a lot from this Practicum, including the realities of lesson planning, classroom management, and what teaching in middle school is all about. It’s safe to say that I am excited about middle school education, which is not something that I would have said a couple of years ago! I’m thankful to have had such a positive Practicum II experience with a great cooperating teacher and awesome kids.


Day 23 – “Do you really have to leave?”

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