Day 22 – “Ben Franklin looks like a clown.”

In today’s practicum:

Today I taught a lesson about the Declaration of Independence.  I had a 40 minute block to teach this topic.  I opened with a fun video of a modern song adapted to describe the Declaration, and then I had the whole class take notes on the basics (when, where, why, who, etc.) Following this, we watched a video of a reading of the Declaration by celebrities, which had subtitles on it for students to follow along with.  To end, I split the students into groups and gave each group three grievances from the Declaration to dissect – to take the original language from the document and explain what it actually means.

Today’s big takeaway: try your best not to “cram” too much into a period.  In my lesson plan, I outlined and budgeted my time well to fit the forty minutes I had to work with.  However, the reality of the lesson did not match – I was not even able to get to the end of my lesson, where I had planned to formatively assess students through exit cards.  I was able to grasp what students were learning during the lesson, but I had wanted to tie it together at the end by asking each student which grievance they thought was most important – I simply ran out of time.  I will be teaching this lesson again next week, and I plan to make some adjustments so as to fit everything in without cramming too much instruction and information into the lesson.  As I have referenced in other blogs, I think that I will become better with cramming (by not cramming) as I gain more experience and learn what is really achievable during certain blocks of time.  For now, I will have to go through the trial and error process, and make alterations as necessary until I get it “just right”.

Day 22 – “Ben Franklin looks like a clown.”

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