Video Reflection #1

In this video reflection, I am focusing on verbal and oral communication and classroom management. 

In terms of verbal and oral communication, I think I overall did a good job communicating to my students.  I did speak a bit quickly at times, but I don’t think that it took away from the instruction. In the beginning of the video, I did a good job of ending the discussion the class was having by asking the students some prompting questions to reflect on. My volume was appropriate for the whole class setting, and I also adjusted my volume appropriately for when I was having one on one conversations with students. 

After watching this video, I would advise myself to make the following changes in my communication. There’re a few times where I stumbled over my words. It wasn’t too disruptive to the instruction, but next time I would remind myself to have confidence in what I was saying.  I need to make more eye contact when giving instructions to the whole class, instead of looking at my papers or at the back of the classroom.  In the video I appear anxious and even fidgety, according to my body language – I am always doing something with my hands. To correct this, I think I need to just take a deep breath and relax. In regards to my speech, I have a few words that I seem to repeat somewhat often – “um”, “right?”, “so”, and “like”. I need to practice speaking without using these words. I know that they will undoubtedly come up, as they are commonly used in vernacular speech, but I need to be conscious of their use so as to limit them during lessons.

For classroom management, I think I was successful in managing the classroom in this video. I had the students’ attention in the beginning with our whole class discussion and instructions. After students moved to complete their independent work, I walked around to check in with individual students to make sure they were on the right track and to clear up any confusion they had. To remind students of what the assignment asked for, I wrote key points on the board for them all to see. 

Improvements in this area would include projecting the assignment on the board behind me to reinforce the instructions and cater to students who would have preferred to read it there. I also should have had the students watch both videos on Schoology (both the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, not just the event they chose out of the hat) so that they would have a well rounded understanding of both events – we could have even watched them together as a whole class. There was a point at the end of the video where some students were quietly chatting with each other and also laughing. I didn’t address these students, as at the time I didn’t think that it was detrimental to the lesson. However, another group of students continued to chat throughout the remainder of the period, and I failed to correct the behavior due to nerves – for the future, I must be firm and not worry about their reaction.

Video Reflection #1

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