Content Area Reading #10 – We’ve Been Trumped

“What a Trump presidency means for America’s public schools” by Emma Brown. The Washington Post, November 10, 2016.

Inspired by the results of our recent presidential election, I was curious to see opinions on how Trump’s election will impact the American educational scene.  Typing in “Donald Trump impact on education” on Google, this article was the first to pop up.

This article focuses on the education policies that Trump proposed in his campaign for presidency.  According to this article, Trump’s main proposals focused on expanding school choice, and possibly limiting (or dissolving altogether) the Department of Education. The implications of Trump being elected president also mean that the federal government may interpret ESSA differently, which will affect the access disadvantaged children have to better education. For the time being, a lot of questions while continue to arise as the Trump administration will take time to recruit for their staff and continue to develop their policies .

3 Things I Want to Remember:

  • 1. Trump’s administration likely to include “a vigorous push for federally funded private school vouchers and a downsizing of the Education Department”
  • 2. Trump’s most important proposal on education, only mentioned a few times – a $20 billion grant program (money comes from somewhere in federal budget, but not certain where) to encourage states to expand school choice through vouchers, charter schools, and magnet schools
  • 3. Trump won’t have the legal authority to get rid of the Common Core State Standards – “Federal law expressly forbids the federal government from interfering with states’ decisions about academic standards.”

2 Controversial Things:

  • 1. Trump’s proposal (above) not supported in votes on ballot initiatives – defeat of one that would expand charter schools and one that let states to takeover struggling schools – “By pretty much equal amounts, by a two-to-one margin, they said ‘no, don’t touch our public schools,’ Weingarten [president of the American Federation of Teachers, adviser to Hillary Clinton] said.”
  • 2. “Trump has said alternately that he would scale back or eliminate the department altogether.”

1 Question:

  • 1. Are there ways to safeguard the Department of Education from being completely dismantled?
Content Area Reading #10 – We’ve Been Trumped

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