Day 17 – “Look, I drew cats!”

BREAKING NEWS… In today’s practicum….

I taught a lesson on propaganda created before and during the Revolutionary War, showing examples and then having students create their own propaganda (both Patriot and Loyalist).

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Today’s big takeaway: Time flies.  I taught my lesson to two sections of students, each 40 minute blocks.  When I had planned out my lesson, I thought I had given myself enough time to complete the lecture/discussion and have students finish their propaganda piece and then share with one another. However, only a few students were able to complete theirs, most were still working (and at a good pace), and a few were still in the planning stages. It’s probably better to have too much planned than too little, and it’s okay that they didn’t finish (my cooperating teacher is going to give them more time to work on it next week), but that is something I have to keep in mind as a teacher, especially if I am on a tight schedule with the curriculum. And in order to give students enough time to produce quality work, I need to really value, budget, and prioritize the time I have with them.

Day 17 – “Look, I drew cats!”

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