Day 15 – “Can I be the British captain?”

Finishing up notes on the French and Indian War
Ready, here’s a vocab quiz (combined Language Arts & Social Studies for short blocks)
If you get through this, you can do Kahoots for the rest of class
Do you guys want to watch some videos? (Getting active, videos on working together)
Assembly for the entire Middle School – Awards, recognitions, performances, videos
You need to finish your personal poems before the end of Advisory!

Today’s takeaway: Find ways to engage students during instruction.

My cooperating teacher was finishing up notes with students on the French and Indian War.  In order to explain the battle formation strategies of the British, the teacher decided to include the students.  Instead of just verbally explaining how the British marched in lines and ducked down to reload ammunition (all the while exposing themselves to the enemy), the teacher asked a few students to get up and actually demonstrate it.  The students really enjoyed this (both those participating and those watching) as it gave them a visual that allowed them to relate to the content.  I think they got a lot more out of seeing how the British soldiers formed themselves as opposed to just listening to the teacher explain it.  It was great to see the students having a good time, and I think that this content will be something that they will remember.

Image result for british soldier formation duck and reload   Image result for student engagement


Day 15 – “Can I be the British captain?”

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