Day 13 – “What test?”


“gonoodle” – dancing to wake up!
Setting goals
“I am” poems


summative assessment on schoology
summative assessment
summative assessment on the colonies
for 7th graders, some fun time to do a kahoot on the French and Indian War
for 8th graders, time to do the homework they forgot!

Today’s big takeaway:


It can be super easy for a teacher to “lose their mind”, especially when students do not listen to instructions and consequently fail to follow directions. There were many students who walked into the classroom and honestly believed that they hadn’t been told there was going to be a test today.  Out of all of the eighth graders (two different sections), only one completed a homework assignment that was assigned at the beginning of the week, although it was clearly communicated to the students and available on the students’ Schoology accounts.  This can be very frustrating, but teachers must remember to stay composed and continue on with instruction as best they can.  In this case, my cooperating teacher was able to build in some time for students to complete the assignment.  However, my teacher is finishing up learning about the colonies, so the fact that her students failed to complete the assignment delays her plans moving forward.

Flexibility is the name of the game!

Day 13 – “What test?”

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