Day 12 – “Bweep”

Today’s practicum…

  • ADVISORY — Students finished their “Coat of Arms”, which displays a personal goal, interests, role models, and individual mottos. They were supposed to begin writing a “I am” poem, but they did not get to that.  At the very end of this allotted time, my cooperating teacher put on a video with a skeleton dancing, and everyone (teachers included) stood up and mimicked the skeleton.
  • CLASS — Students handed in their current event assignment, and took notes on the colonies with the teacher. While they were taking notes, I read through their current events and graded them based on content (if they had a title, the date, where the information came from, a summary, how the event impacts people, and why they chose the article).  At the end of class, the students were allowed to play a Kahoot because they had done a good job paying attention during the note taking.

Today’s takeaway…

While reading through the current events, I was astonished to see the difference in writing levels among students.  Most students fell in the “middle” of the writing spectrum, but there were definitely some outliers.  There were one or two students who clearly have a great understanding of writing – they were able to summarize, explain, and describe in a clear and coherent way.  Other students, however, were significantly behind their peers in writing levels – even several grades behind.  There were incomplete sentences, unconjugated verbs, and no explanation or even description of the current event.  Having such discrepancies in writing ability is tough for teachers – especially in secondary grades – to address.  The curriculum is already full of content-related standards that take up the teacher’s time and energy – it’s hard to incorporate writing skills into that already packed schedule.  Plus, having to stop and take the time to teach basic writing is not engaging at all for students who do not need it.  It’s critical for teachers to take the time to learn their students’ writing levels so that they can  create lesson plans that allow all students to thrive while at the same time appropriately challenge students.  The timing of this “revelation” for me is quite favorable, as I am creating a lesson plan that requires students to write.  Knowing that writing abilities differ so drastically, I can adjust my plan accordingly.

Day 12 – “Bweep”

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