Day 10 – Where’d you go, Roanoke?

Today’s visit:

Image result for kahootImage result for nearpod

Image result for notability     Image result for john smith the generall historie of virginia  Image result for croatoan

Today’s big takeaway: Technology can be used in a lot of cool, engaging ways.  Kahoot and Nearpod are both great ways to formatively assess students, as it can be fun to compete to see what answers you got right.  Nearpod is also great for giving lecture presentations, because students can access the information from both the board at the head of the classroom, if that’s what they prefer, or right on their iPads. Nearpod gives the teacher control, too, as opposed to a Powerpoint – students can’t skip ahead in a Nearpod, but have to stay on the same screen as the teacher. Although the students found the two parody videos a little cheesy, they definitely were engaged while watching them AND retained information from them about Roanoke and Jamestown, which is the point! My cooperating teacher herself would not have created such musical lessons, but via the Internet she was able to find videos that both related to what she was teaching and would engage students.  My cooperating teacher also paired technology with a textbook filled with primary sources, which allowed students to determine what parts of John Smith’s writing were important and then record them in their notes on Notability.  Technology allows students to participate in the classroom in a variety of ways, which ultimately increases engagement levels and overall retention of  knowledge.

Day 10 – Where’d you go, Roanoke?

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