Day 6 – “These explorers weren’t really good at their jobs, were they?”

Today in class,

The students were asked,

If a source was primary or not.

They also took notes

On explorers that sailed over in boats,

Who were expecting to discover a lot.

I played Flyswatter with a new class,

Who seemed to learn from this vocab task

As I corrected some previous mistakes.

They finished with their explorer cards,

Getting the right format was sometimes hard,

But were on pace to finish by the due date.

Today’s big takeaway: While watching my cooperating teacher lecture the class on some important explorers (while students were taking notes), I felt myself become uneasy because even I didn’t know some of the explorers she was talking about, or about their specific details regarding their voyages and explorations.  This kind of incident makes me nervous about being a teacher – how do I teach if I don’t know everything? I know they say it comes with practice, and that you really don’t have to know everything… but I just wonder how I will be able to confidently stand up in front of a class when I don’t have all the knowledge pertinent to the subject. I want my students to view me as credible. I want them to trust me in my position as a teacher. I know that it is okay to say, “Listen, I don’t know the answer to your question, so let’s look it up” or “I’ll do some research and get back to you next time”, but I just worry about looking foolish for not knowing something that I “should”. A lot of this anxiety stems from my natural desire to be “the best” or “perfect”, which I know isn’t necessarily realistic in the occupation of teaching.  My cooperating teacher showed a lot of poise and confidence while she was lecturing, which I am sure comes with years of experience, as well as her own personal review of the material.  When I become a teacher, and even now in my pre-service, I know that I will need to be confident when it comes to delivering instruction, but I will also have to establish my relationship with my students as one centered on teamwork – instead of me just piling information for them to regurgitate, we work together to answer questions and solve problems.





Day 6 – “These explorers weren’t really good at their jobs, were they?”

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