Day 3 – “We’re taking a test?!”

Preassessment test – Where are the students at with U.S. History?
Remembering students’ names
Encouragement – “It’s only graded for participation. I want to know what you know.”
Acknowledging that students come from different educational backgrounds
Schoology account created
Searching for resources on Schoology
Examining students’ skills on their iPads
Shhhhh… you’re not supposed to talk, it’s still a test!
Starting to think about my lesson plans/activities with students

Today’s big takeaway was learning about Schoology.  It is similar to Moodle, but much more student-friendly (in my opinion).  Students have access to documents, videos, and whatever else the teacher puts on the class’s site.  It is also a great tool to use for collaboration between colleagues.  Educators can form groups in which they can blog to each other, share lessons and documents, and post helpful resources.  This technological tool allows teachers to work together even when it’s difficult to meet up in person, demonstrating one of the many benefits of utilizing technology in the classroom.  Schoology is great for the student-teacher relationship too.  By posting assignments on Schoology, teachers are transparent about what learning will take place.  Also, Schoology gives students unlimited access to the resources that students provide for them.  Teachers no longer have to worry about students losing a piece of paper, or about having to provide a million copies of a document. It’s important for teachers to not only use these kinds of programs, but to use them well; when used effectively, they will only help to improve the classroom and enhance the learning that takes place.

Day 3 – “We’re taking a test?!”

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