Teaching Towards Democracy: Final Reflection

Copy and Paste this link for the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/QNMB0LFEcwU

For my Teach Towards Democracy course final reflection, I decided to forgo writing a traditional paper and produce a creative project.  I have recently become interested in video making, so I decided to try to make my final reflection fit this new format.

In this video, I focus on some of what I considered to be the most important aspects of the course.  Specifically, I looked at what characterizes American society, especially democracy, capitalism, and Protestantism.  I considered different social values prevalent in American society – such as gender, religion, race, and ability – and reflected on how these impacted my life and my worldview.

I also identify key elements of the class that I have taken away.  These include the ideas of collaboration, colleagueship, advocacy, family-school partnerships, and culturally responsive teaching.  I will take many of these concepts into my future career as a teacher.  I will advocate for my students and teach them to advocate for themselves, and I will be an ally for students in situations related to discrimination.



Teaching Towards Democracy: Final Reflection

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